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Multi-value databases are based an established and widely used technology, based on the PICK system. They have the advantage of a small 'footprint' meaning they require fewer systems resources than other types of database, whilst providing speedy access to your information, making them ideally suited to real-time operations.

A hierarchical record structure, powerful integrated development language and strong data-locking makes them ideally suited to complex record keeping tasks. Multi-value databases are found at the heart of many of the financial, banking and government institutions around the world and they are a popular choice for advanced CRM and internet/catalogue retailing systems.

They are available on all major operating systems and can be easily integrated into other software, including interfacing seamlessly with web applications.

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iD Tech <> PICK

iD Tech staff have a combined experience of over 50 years working in Multi-value databases and PICK Development.

With expert experience in writing Mail-order, eCommerce and ePOS CRM applications, we can support your existing system, write bespoke reports to improve business intelligence, or migrate your PICK system and data to another database (for exmaple, MYSQL, MSSQL).

There are many specific flavours of PICK & Multi value databases.


jBASE 3.4, jBASE 4.1, jBASE, 5.2, jBC, jQL, OBjEX



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